Luminous Cruze 4KVA + NRGT 220AH Combo (x4)


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  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Capacity : 1600VA /24V
  • Advanced LCD Display shows real time statistics
  • User settable Charging current and Output voltage

Combo Benefits:

  • 6 months extra warranty on inverters on registration in the Simba Service App/
  • Free first battery top up


  • Pure sign wave output
  • LCD Display
  • Synchronized changeover
  • High overload capacity.
  • Installation & maintenance-friendly.
  • Advanced battery management which enhances battery life up to 70%
  • The intelligent battery charging mechanism

With Luminous Cruze UPS, you get a power back-up solution that can run everything! It’s the perfect solution for homes and small businesses (such as restaurants, clinics, petrol pumps, etc.). Cruze UPS can run sensitive and heavy load equipment in addition to meeting regular lighting requirements.

Some homes and commercial establishments have higher power needs, whilst some face frequent power cuts which hamper the overall performance of appliances. Luminous higher KVA solutions offer high quality and reliable power back-up solutions for running such loads, meeting such needs and handling such equipment.

  • Plate Technology.

    High performance positive plates made with Advanced Automatic wet filling process to ensure high surface area & consistent paste density throughout the plates. Spines made with Special alloy composition & HADI high pressure die casting machines to ensure defect free Casting with high corrosion resistance.

  • Extra electrolyte.

    Extra Tall containers to store 30% more electrolyte to ensure less frequent water topping.

  • High grade imported separator.

    Less electrical resistance, High oxidation resistance, high porosity, High charging efficiency.

  • Ceramic water level management.

    Optimally porous ceramic level indicator suppress water loss & promote safety along with cleanliness reducing water topping frequency.

  • Environment friendly & safe.

    Environment friendly and safer as it emits less fumes and absolutely low maintenance.

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Luminous Cruze 4KVA + NRGT 220AH Combo (x4)


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